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During her time at The Rondo, Hannah proved to be a great director - thoughtful, thorough and meticulous in her preparation; playful, open-minded and challenging in the rehearsal room; and efficient, decisive and generous during production.


Her work balances imagination and practicality to a fine degree, and she has a superb eye for staging.


- Ian McGlynn, Artistic Director (Rondo Theatre)


Hannah was resident director at the Rondo in 2012, and directed the revival of Ian's play 'An Act of Twisting' in spring 2013.

Hannah is a sensitive, supportive and highly competent individual. She is well attuned to the artistic and practical needs of a director during a rehearsal process and provides support with integrity, energy and enthusiasm. 

Hannah moved easily between the practical support a director often requires to being a sounding board and artistic collaborator. 

I believe she has a great career ahead of her as a Director in her own right, but would thoroughly recommend her for any role which would benefit from her intelligence, humour and theatrical knowledge.


- John Kachoyan, Theatre Director


Hannah assisted John in 2011 on 'Unrestless'

Hannah is a very special director. Her lightness-of-touch focuses directly on the heart of a piece while creating an atmosphere of confidence and trust within the production. She consistently engenders a clear and coherent vision throughout the rehearsal process that is seamlessly evident in final performance. Her work with writers is both incisive and encouraging and her work with performers is nothing short of inspiring.


- Alison Farina, Writer & Artistic Director (Butterfly Psyche Theatre Company)


Hannah & Alison have collaborated a number of times and are currently working on an adaptation of Jane Austen's 'Persuasion' for touring.

Hannah is a creative, funny and clever Director with a bright and fun attitude towards Theatre. She is open and willing to accept ideas and opinions, whilst offering a calm and logical voice. The staging for Orpheus Descending was stunning, with a fresh approach to the narrative. Hannah is a pleasure to collaborate with and provides endless honesty and wit.


- Tayla Todd, Designer


Hannah directed 'Orpheus Descending', designed by Tayla while she was still a student at Bath Spa University, in 2014

Hannah is a hugely insightful, creative and imaginative director. I have been lucky enough to work with Hannah on several different productions, all pieces of new writing. She works very skilfully with text, often collaborating with the writer to ensure that the work continues to develop in rehearsal. Her rehearsal room is a wonderfully open and playful space to work in. 


Hannah always manages to balance overseeing the creative arc of a project with supporting actors individually during the process, providing extra input and advice when it is needed. She is an extremely generous and kind person and director who finds time to support the whole creative team thereby enabling everyone to bring their best to a production.


Hannah’s energy and enthusiasm for theatre ensures every project she works on is driven by passion and commitment and I look forward to hopefully having more opportunities to work with her in the future.


- Kirsty Cox, Actress


Hannah has directed Kirsty in a number of productions, including: 'An Act of Twisting', '100 Miles North of Timbuktu' and 'Snow Maiden'. 

A few years ago I had the chance to work with Hannah at the University of Cumbria. I can firmly say that under Hannah's direction I have grown as an individual and as a performer. 

The way that Hannah looks at a script is astonishing - Textually, Hannah helps you to understand the meaning and intention behind every line of your character and others. Stylistically, she has a very keen eye for minimalistic, but clever staging - often using levels to support the characters' intentions and using popular music to engage with the audience. 

Having previously worked with Hannah and seen many of her productions - I am just in awe of her creativity, drive and passion for the theatre. I have every faith that Hannah has bright future ahead and I would completely recommend her to any theatre company thats looking for a skilled and intelligent director. 


- Calvin Parker, Student


Hannah directed Calvin in 2013 while a second year student at the University of Cumbria.

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